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Caring For Your Dog’s Eyes in Porter


One of the most adorable things ever is when your dog looks at you with those big, beautiful puppy-dog eyes. Making sure your dog’s eyes are strong and sharp can be a key component of their overall health. There are many different infections and complications that can occur in a dog’s eyes that can make daily life difficult to go through: 


  • Cherry eye: Dogs have three eyelids, and the third eyelid covers a gland that is responsible for tears. When the ligaments around this area weaken, the gland can fall out of place and pop out, becoming inflamed and looking like a small cherry around the eyes.
  • Corneal tears and wounds: The cornea is the glass-like surface on the eye that can get damaged if a sharp object cuts or pokes it. Sometimes simple activities like running through grass can cause a corneal wound which requires veterinary treatment.
  • Dry eye: Tears perform a variety of important functions, including removing dirt and other particles from the eyes. When tear glands aren’t functioning properly, the result is dry eyes that can lead to other severe eye problems down the line, including corneal ruptures.
  • Pink eye: When dogs get pink eye, they suffer from swelling, redness in the eye, and major discomfort, just as humans do.
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma occurs when there’s an imbalance of fluid in the eyes, resulting in pain, increased tear production, dilated pupils, cloudiness in the cornea, and enlarged eyes.


Cataracts: Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye develops a cloudy-like thin film around them, which lowers visibility and can even lead to blindness, depending on the severity.

Come To All Community Animal Hospital For Your Pet’s Eye Care

At All Community Animal Hospital in the Porter, Kingwood, and Humble areas, we are equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye problems affecting your furry friends. Unfortunately, like humans, dogs can suffer from major eye issues. While many veterinarians are not equipped to provide eye care services, Dr. Janik of All Community Animal Hospital is a highly trained veterinarian ophthalmologist and is available to care for your beloved companion’s vision. We also offer a wide variety of other pet services including wellness care, dental care, grooming, and boarding. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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