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Caring For Your Exotic Pet in Porter


If you’re the proud owner of exotic pets, such as pocket pets, avian pets, or even primates, then finding a high-quality veterinary hospital can be difficult. While most hospitals may only care for common companion animals like dogs and cats, some hospitals can offer care for exotics as well. 

Exotic animals generally require very specialized care. Depending on the type of animal you own, their food, environment, temperature, exercise, and general daily routine may drastically differ from one exotic animal to another. For example, birds require large cages with places to perch. Birds also tend to get bored so it’s important to make sure they are occupied with a variety of toys at any one time. Their diet is also highly specific depending on the type of bird and it may be difficult to tell if a bird is sick so it’s important to keep an eye out for any behavior changes. Taking care of primates can be even more difficult. Monkeys can live anywhere from 20 to 40 years old and require your full-time commitment throughout their entire lives. Primates may develop psychological issues that can be difficult to remedy if they are not exposed to the proper amount of social interaction. Finding a vet that can take care of your exotic animal can be difficult. 

All Community Animal Hospital Can Care For Your Exotic Pet

Providing care for exotics requires highly skilled and professional expertise that few vets may in the Porter area have. Luckily, All Community Animal Hospital has highly skilled vets that are trained in caring for exotics. Contact us now to book an appointment for your exotic!

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