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The Basics of Senior Pet Care


As our adorable pets start to get older, the importance of pet care becomes even more important. Here are a few things to help your pet through their golden years: 

  • Nutrition: As your pet ages, it becomes more and more important that their diet is catered specifically to their needs. An experienced vet will be able to tell you what nutrients your pet needs and can create a diet plan that’s suitable for your pet. As your pet ages, their ability to digest and absorb nutrients decreases. In old age, pets also suffer from an inability to tolerate excess nutrients intake. Feeding your pet correctly formulated food will have a good impact on his health.


  • Regular Vet Check-ups: A bi-annual visit to the vet is necessary to properly vaccinate your pet and check for any infections or other more serious health problems. As pets age, their immune systems aren’t as strong as they used to be and senior pets can become more susceptible to health problems in their senior years. 


  • Prioritize their comfort: Be sure to surround your pet with everything they need from food and water to a comfortable bed. A good bed can make a big difference in your pet's life, especially in old age. Senior pets may suffer from joint stiffness and may have trouble moving. Older pets also tend to have more brittle joints and become more and more delicate. So be sure to provide them with a soft bed or an orthopedic bed. By creating a very comfortable surrounding, it will reduce the need for your pet to move around so much. You can use a baby gate to keep your senior pet away from stairs and prevent any accidents. 


All Community Animal Hospital

As our pets get older, it’s up to us to create a comfortable and easy life for them so they can enjoy their golden years. If you are looking for veterinary care services for your senior pet in Porter, All Community Animal Hospital is a great choice. Our experienced DVMs can make sure your pet is on a nutritious diet and is living a pain-free life.

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