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Understanding Ringworm in Pets


Ringworm, despite its name, is not actually a worm -  is a parasitic fungus that grows in the skin and hair follicles of infected animals. While the infection is not a life-threatening pet emergency, your four-legged companion will need to be taken to the vet for treatment. 


Ringworm is a disease caused by several different fungi that can infect and make your pet's life uncomfortable. Here is a list of the common signs of ringworm you may notice: 


  • Your dog’s coat may feel dry and coarse.
  • You see circular patterns of hair loss.
  • Your pet has red inflamed skin.
  • Your dog has brittle claws.


If you see your dog struggling with the symptoms above, contact your local veterinarian for an appointment. Ringworm should be treated immediately as the parasite can infect both humans and animals.


Treatment options for your pet will depend on the severity of the case, and how many children or immunocompromised individuals live in your home. You can expect your pet’s treatment to be a three-step process including:

  • Applying topical therapy such as cream or medicated shampoo.
  • Oral medication to suppress the infection.
  • Environmental disinfection in your home.


We’ll Give Your Pet Relief at All Community Animal Hospital 

If your pup is struggling with ringworm symptoms, bring them over to All Community Animal Hospital in the Porter area. Our talented team will provide the cornerstone of health your pet needs for a long happy life. We seek to provide nothing less of the best medical and surgical care for all our patients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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