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What to Look for When Choosing a Rescue Cat

A shelter cat can be an excellent addition to your family, but it’s important not to get overwhelmed and make a hasty decision. With some patience and a keen eye, you will be able to pick the best cat to provide a forever home for. Stay tuned and learn 5 helpful tips to guide your decision when you are deciding which shelter cat to welcome into your home.


Here are 5 helpful tips that will help you make an insightful choice at the shelter:


  • Spend One-on-One Time: Once you spot a kitty that catches your fancy, be sure to spend some quality time together. Ask the shelter you are browsing to accommodate a one-on-one meet space so you can see how you two get along. Depending on how old the cat is, there can be quite a lot of personality to warm up to. So take all the time you need to see if you can make a connection. 


  • On Choosing an Adult or a Kitten: There are pros and cons that come with choosing either a kitten or an adult. A kitten, for example, will require more training and proper kitten-proofing to ensure their safety, as well as preventing damage from clawing. An adult cat will have an already established personality, so if you are looking to find a feline companion that can best suit your temperament with less acclimation, an adult may be the right choice for you. 


  • Consider the Pets You Already Have: If you already have a pet family waiting at home, it’s important to pick a cat that will co-exist peacefully with your other furbabies. Be mindful to determine if the cat you are interested in has experience with interacting with dogs or other cats. If not, be prepared to facilitate a gradual introduction that will warm your new feline friend up to their new housemates. 


  • Evaluate Your Home Environment: Before making any final decisions, take stock of your home environment. There are many factors to consider such as how chaotic or calm your residence is. Or if you have children, how will your kitten react to being poked and prodded? Think ahead to make sure your new feline companion will be receiving the care they need to thrive. 


  • Have Patience: Adding a new furry friend to the family requires patience and understanding. No shelter cat will arrive free of inhibitions and suspicions. Allow your feline friend to adjust to their new home, and if you are struggling to get along, contact the shelter you adopted from for more insights into your kitty’s personality. 


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