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Worms in Dogs - Symptoms and Treatment

It's common for dogs to get worms throughout the course of their life, and it's not something to lose sleep worrying over. Most of the time, these worms are easily treatable and don't have severe effects. However, if left untended, worms inside of your dog's body could slowly wreak havoc on their health. Keep yourself informed about the signs and symptoms of worms in your precious pooch so you know how to treat them effectively!


What Gives Your Dog Worms?

There are many ways for worms to find their way into your dog’s body. Generally, they come from contaminated or dirty sources. These sources could be anything from puddles, dirt, food, and even insects. The worms just need a way to enter into your dog’s system. Curious pups that like to stick their nose in things or eat and drink stuff they are not supposed to are at higher risk of getting worms. However, even the most disciplined dogs can get worms from other infected animals or insects. 


Signs and Symptoms

Every dog owner should be knowledgeable about worm infections in dogs and how to spot them. It's essential to check them regularly because symptoms typically only show when the infestation is getting bad. 



  • Rapid Weight Loss: Unexplained weight loss that happens too fast can be very dangerous. Always have your dog checked if you notice this.
  • Stomach Issues: A telltale sign of a worm infestation in your dog are digestive issues and pain. Diarrhea and vomiting could be your dog’s attempt at getting rid of the worms ailing its body. 
  •  Visible Worms: Another way you can tell your dog has worms is if you can clearly see them. Check their stool and anus to see if there are any small white or yellow dots that look like small grains of rice. These are the worms inside your dog. 




Worms in dogs are generally easily treatable using medication. It's essential to see your vet so they can prescribe your dog the proper remedy for the exact type of worms it has. The medicine will help your dog's body kill the worms inside and flush them out of their system!


Keep Your Dog Worm Free at All Community Animal Hospital

All Community Animal Hospital is a location dedicated to serving pets with all their medical and personal needs. Our facility is outfitted with the best equipment and is more than capable of performing the care a dog requires. Never worry about worm infestations or other medical concerns because we can provide gold standard service to treat and prevent them! Get in contact with us and see why we received our AAHA accreditation!


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